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Sunday, 5 June 2011 @ 06:32
`New Affiliate~! Pinkly Ever After

Hello dolls!

I wanted to introduce to you Dolly Pink's new affiliate Pinkly Ever After! Before Anime North I came to Robin [head designer of Pinkly Ever After] and asked her to affiliate with Dolly Pink because I thought her fairy concept was adorable and similar to that of Dolly Pink's. Not only does Robin creatively designs her dresses, she also designs accessories like headbands, rings and bracelets as well! So far, Pinkly Ever After has done numerous collaborations with designers from New York and Japan and so hopefully one day we will collaborate together and make magical memories for you to share~!

The items P.E.A offers mainly deal with fairy-kei because of the decora vibe I get from them but despite that, I can still see them work with lolita. Pastel colors are a favorite for this local brand and the love for the color pink is the biggest thing both Dolly Pink and Pinkly Ever After has in common. Everything Pinkly Ever After has to offer is original and you can't find anything like this here in North America. Even I wanted to purchase her multi-tier rainbow dress [worn by Pinku Project members] but my lack of funds is preventing me from doing so. Lol! ^___^

Lastly, Pinkly Ever After's motto is, "Happy Cute!"
So if you're into super 'HAPPY CUTE' clothes and accessories, please visit Robin's Pinkly Ever After and support her.

Thank you for reading.

Aya - Dolly Pink

Pinkly Ever After's Web Platforms:
Twitter: @ RobinJooBin

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Here are some examples of her work:
[Please click on the pictures to see the full image]

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