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Saturday, 14 May 2011 @ 00:52
`13 More Days Until Anime North and The Launch!

It's been awhile since I last updated this blog but starting today I will try to keep you guys more updated since Anime North is fast approaching.

For the past few weeks, I've been designing and making a lot of sweet/cute accessories for Dolly Pink as well as business cards. I'm also trying to learn how to master clay and whip cream as it took me a whole night testing certain techniques with silicone based mediums. After my experience, if you thought cake decorating is easy... you are wrong. It takes a lot of patience and constant practice to get the right shape and swirls so it doesn't end up looking like a pile of poo. I also learned that if we apply different amounts of pressure on the piping tube, the cream comes out differently each time as well.
I don't really have nice pictures of my progress of this event but maybe later next week I'll post some pictures of the finished products. However, I do have my business card pictures ready and you can see them here by clicking on the small icons. The main 'Lolita' girl on the card was commissioned for me by another fellow lolita. I asked her to draw a mascot for me because I fell in love with the detailing of the face. If you keep looking at the mascot's face, you can't help but feel like she's mesmerizing you. Perhaps I should give her name? Any suggestions? Please comment in my tag box above by clicking the 'COMMENT' link.

Other than that... I am working hard each and everyday to make a lot of things for the convention since I will be seated right beside my affiliate Pinkly Ever After. P.E.A. specializes in mostly fairy-kei goods but I find that some of their items can be used for lolita as well! Everything is oh-so-cute and the use of pastels is what attracts me to P.E.A.'s work. I will write more about this label later when I make a more detailed page for Affiliates but before that, please go and visit the site to show Pinkly Ever After some love~!

Thank you dollies~
- Aya

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