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Friday, 16 September 2011 @ 22:43
`Atomic Lollipop 2011 [Dolly Pink's Overall APop Experience]

Greetings~! My overdue post for Atomic Lollipop is finally here~

Atomic Lollipop, Toronto's first carnival convention dedicated to anime and music which took place on July 30-31 at the Sheraton Conference Centre [near Anime North's Doubletree Hotel]. Tickets costed $35-45 CAD depending on whether or not you had purchased the early bird special.

Let's start by saying that the attendence wasn't as big as Anime North's, however, in the next coming years I can possibly see an exponential growth similar to that of AN. Atomic Lollipop although small, had a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy -- for example, there was rave concerts [for those who enjoy to dance], anime panels [for people to discuss about their favorite anime(s)], and fashion panels [for people interested in Harajuku fashion(s)]. This convention was meant to be a big "party" like event so all the hallways were decorated with big balloons and filled with upbeat music and ravers. With the big party happening all around the hallways, people wanting to buy anime merchandise were able to do so in the generously-sized dealer's room and arts/crafts in the artist alley located in the main entrance hallway. If you thought this wasn't enough, try running away from a huge tank with mad speakers in the hallways in lolita shoes!!!

During my 2 days there, I had little time to explore each activity happening at the con as I had to run around coordinating things. Even when I wasn't helping coordinating panels I would use whatever free time I have to sell at the Artist Alley so I apologize in advance if I don't have a variety of pictures of this event. Now fast forwarding --- Despite the fact that I was hardly at the artist alley table, Dolly Pink did really well in advertising and promoting the products as well as making a few new friends/connections --- Atomic Ami. I even donated a few prizes for the lolita panel which was popular as a lot of the people picked them out, so I know I will most likely donate a few things again in the future. After affiliating with Atomic Ami, I went to talk with Baby Pinku from Pinkly Ever After to catch up since the last time I saw her was at Anime North 2011.

Since I thought Dolly Pink did really well, I am going to try again for 2012 as I believe will have a strong attendence. So please see you there next year~~~!

Thanks for reading this long awaited entry~

Aya - Dolly Pink

Here are some Atomic Lollipop pictures I took of random cosplayers and friends!
[Please click on the pictures to see the full image]

Gen and I [Gen won Best Gothic Lolita in the Apop fashion show!!! >__<; soo proud of her!]

Joyce hoarding all of the epic balloons I collected throughout the convention! *super cute!!*

My lolita friends: Joyce and Cadney! **hearts~!
Photo Credit: Cadney & Lanii

Ciara cosplaying as Madoka! I hope that's the right character's name... xD

Joyce and I [ughh... I have huge bags under my eyes... forgive me...]
Photo Credit: Cadney

Kyu as Vampire Knight Kaname-sama
Photo Credit: Cadney

Lanii our special photographer! ^__^ *hugs*

Cadney, Lanii, Ian, Me, & Meek

Wil taking care of our table! I know it looks naked a bit... but it will be better next year :D

Gen and Wil at Dolly Pink's and After Alice's affiliated table

Joyce wearing her Sugary Carnival one piece

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