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Monday, 5 September 2011 @ 00:27
`Another New Affiliate~! Atomic Ami

Hello everyone~!

It's been a long time since I updated this blog with new goodies but I wanted to announce Dolly Pink's newest affiliate addition -- Atomic Ami! After going and visiting Anime North's Crafters' Corner every year, I couldn't help but admire this one particular table that had a bunch of cute amigurumi crafts. Why? I admire this brand because of all the hard work and improvement these 2 girls [Eli and Bel] put into their crafts. Not only did their designs improve [on a creative spectrum], but their business tactics as well! I absolutely love each and everyone of their crocheted pieces and I felt because the pieces and the creators themselves are soo cute that Dolly Pink should be affiliated with them. I also wanted to share my love of Atomic Ami's crocheted toys with everyone by introducing them here.

Atomic Ami offers a variety of original amigurumi toys that range from cute fuzzy bears to bunnies and more~! Each craft is one-of-a-kind as the yarn they use varies from piece to piece or limited edition. Creating bears is a favorite to this local brand and their love to create cute pieces is guranteed to make your heart melt.

So if you're into cute & cuddly animals, please visit Eli and Bel's Atomic Ami and support them.

Thank you for reading.

Aya - Dolly Pink


Atomic Ami's Web Platforms:
Twitter: @ AtomicAmi

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Here are some examples of their work:
[Please click on the picture to see the full image]

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