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Friday, 22 June 2012 @ 05:06
`Anime North 2012 Wrap Up [PART 1 - Dolly Pink x Alice Dear Display]

This Anime North was a blast~! <3

Despite me not being at the crafter's table that often, I thought that both parties did well. Gen had a pastel goth theme while I had more of a sweet lolita thing going on with my accessories. We had both met a lot of wonderful people and I'm very happy that Gen met up with a few contacts for future collaborations! Which I can't wait to see what they come up with but I can tell you now that it's something you don't want to miss. <3 I didn't take much pictures of the accessories... but hopefully the 1 or 2 pictures I do have will be enough to give you glimpse of what was at the table. A lot of people really liked my balloon necklaces and bracelets, but unfortunately I only made a limited number of them. However, I'll make sure to make more for next year - if I get a table again~!

Here are the balloon necklaces I made! Please click on the picture to view the full image.

Again, balloon necklaces and my moko moko stars which I am very proud of!

Now flying back to the beginning of the convention~~~~

On Friday, I came extra early to secure our table spot even though there were a few mix-ups with table assigning. The display took about 30 minutes to set up and Gen did a superb job with making the display. Not to mention weightless so it wouldn't fall like how it did the previous year with our last canopy. The colors went well together and it coincided with each of our themes --- pink and sweet & pastel and goth. As for the pink polka dot table sheet, I used my duvet cover because I couldn't find any similar fabric in Toronto. Lots of pictures were taken of the display and compliments flew in from everybody <3

Thank you to everyone that enjoyed Gen's hard work --- the display. She had worked really hard on it and I'm thankful for sharing the table with her.

Thank you Gen Ishihara for preparing the whole table. You did an amazing job and I'm very thankful for your hard work. <3 <3 <3  Also, I apologize for not being there 100% of the time so I couldn't help you much but I wanted to relax at Anime North this year.

A photo of me and Gen! <3 I thought she looked very pretty in her hime coord.

I can't really comment too much about the table because I was hardly there. I was really tired on Saturday from selling at 3:30pm til closing. I had lost my voice a little, so it was somewhat stressful working at the table and trying to talk with everyone that came by. Clara [a friend that was seated beside me] was soo nice that she bought me a drink to lighten my spirits up and right after my boyfriend came by with food~! <3

As for Sunday, I wasn't there at all because I wanted to make sure I was available to model for the Lolita & Gal Fashion show; which I missed out on last year. Before I attended the show, I also had to do my last minute shopping at the dealer's room and make time to visit one of Dolly Pink's affiliate --- Pinkly Ever After in which I ended up purchasing a few of their products for myself.

A picture of Fruity-d-Dienamite and me with Gen's display in the back!

Overall, on the subject of the whole crafter's corner, I thought that the positioning of the whole corner wasn't that great. Sure there were groups of people walking here and there, but most of the people didn't know what the corner was for. Most people thought it was a bunch of tables promoting events or advertising. Hopefully they will position us better for the next Anime North in 2013 like how they did for the previous years because when people by to the dealer's room, they would see the crafters' corner.

And now for the thank you's~!

I'd like to thank Gen, again, for creating an amazing display --- without it, the table would have looked soo plain. Hector, for allowing Dolly Pink to participate in this event for the second year, and lastly everyone that came by supporting Dolly Pink. I am going to use all the funds I had made to help Kumi with her surgery. She has to get some of her teeth removed because it causes her a lot of pain but now I have enough funds to do so. Thank you so much everyone for helping and this means the whole world to me as I love her very much. <3

Picture of Kumi via Instagram~!

Aya - Dolly Pink

Please remember to leave a comment in the 'COMMENT' link in the top menu bar if you liked this post~ Thank you.

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012 @ 23:36
`See You Guys at Anime North 2012~!


After a long awaited reply from Anime North's Crafters' Corner, Dolly Pink has made it back for it's second year!!! This time paired up with the lovely miss Gen from Alice Dear. We are planning big things for this year so please wish us the best by coming by and saying hi to us. :D

For more information about the anime convention itself, please visit: www.animenorth.com

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Friday, 16 September 2011 @ 23:01
`Future Event -- TO LOLITA's Swap Meet

Hello dolls~!

After a busy and fun-filled summer holiday with Atomic Lollipop, I am planning to host an annual event for my local Lolita community -- TO LOLITA. It's a swap meet opened to 3 communities: TO LOLITA, SO LOLITA, and J-S3CT and items that fit in the Gyaru, Lolita, Cosplay, BJD and Visual-kei can be traded or sold.

This event will be happening on Saturday October 1, 2011!!! Oh my~ Only 2 weeks left.** Please visit and click on "DATES" for more information regarding the venue/meet-up.

Dolly Pink will be showcasing some prototype accessories at this meet up and selling more fur accessories so please don't miss out on this chance if you want to see a variety of items being sold/traded.

Thank you for reading.

Aya - Dolly Pink

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@ 22:43
`Atomic Lollipop 2011 [Dolly Pink's Overall APop Experience]

Greetings~! My overdue post for Atomic Lollipop is finally here~

Atomic Lollipop, Toronto's first carnival convention dedicated to anime and music which took place on July 30-31 at the Sheraton Conference Centre [near Anime North's Doubletree Hotel]. Tickets costed $35-45 CAD depending on whether or not you had purchased the early bird special.

Let's start by saying that the attendence wasn't as big as Anime North's, however, in the next coming years I can possibly see an exponential growth similar to that of AN. Atomic Lollipop although small, had a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy -- for example, there was rave concerts [for those who enjoy to dance], anime panels [for people to discuss about their favorite anime(s)], and fashion panels [for people interested in Harajuku fashion(s)]. This convention was meant to be a big "party" like event so all the hallways were decorated with big balloons and filled with upbeat music and ravers. With the big party happening all around the hallways, people wanting to buy anime merchandise were able to do so in the generously-sized dealer's room and arts/crafts in the artist alley located in the main entrance hallway. If you thought this wasn't enough, try running away from a huge tank with mad speakers in the hallways in lolita shoes!!!

During my 2 days there, I had little time to explore each activity happening at the con as I had to run around coordinating things. Even when I wasn't helping coordinating panels I would use whatever free time I have to sell at the Artist Alley so I apologize in advance if I don't have a variety of pictures of this event. Now fast forwarding --- Despite the fact that I was hardly at the artist alley table, Dolly Pink did really well in advertising and promoting the products as well as making a few new friends/connections --- Atomic Ami. I even donated a few prizes for the lolita panel which was popular as a lot of the people picked them out, so I know I will most likely donate a few things again in the future. After affiliating with Atomic Ami, I went to talk with Baby Pinku from Pinkly Ever After to catch up since the last time I saw her was at Anime North 2011.

Since I thought Dolly Pink did really well, I am going to try again for 2012 as I believe will have a strong attendence. So please see you there next year~~~!

Thanks for reading this long awaited entry~

Aya - Dolly Pink

Here are some Atomic Lollipop pictures I took of random cosplayers and friends!
[Please click on the pictures to see the full image]

Gen and I [Gen won Best Gothic Lolita in the Apop fashion show!!! >__<; soo proud of her!]

Joyce hoarding all of the epic balloons I collected throughout the convention! *super cute!!*

My lolita friends: Joyce and Cadney! **hearts~!
Photo Credit: Cadney & Lanii

Ciara cosplaying as Madoka! I hope that's the right character's name... xD

Joyce and I [ughh... I have huge bags under my eyes... forgive me...]
Photo Credit: Cadney

Kyu as Vampire Knight Kaname-sama
Photo Credit: Cadney

Lanii our special photographer! ^__^ *hugs*

Cadney, Lanii, Ian, Me, & Meek

Wil taking care of our table! I know it looks naked a bit... but it will be better next year :D

Gen and Wil at Dolly Pink's and After Alice's affiliated table

Joyce wearing her Sugary Carnival one piece

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Monday, 5 September 2011 @ 00:27
`Another New Affiliate~! Atomic Ami

Hello everyone~!

It's been a long time since I updated this blog with new goodies but I wanted to announce Dolly Pink's newest affiliate addition -- Atomic Ami! After going and visiting Anime North's Crafters' Corner every year, I couldn't help but admire this one particular table that had a bunch of cute amigurumi crafts. Why? I admire this brand because of all the hard work and improvement these 2 girls [Eli and Bel] put into their crafts. Not only did their designs improve [on a creative spectrum], but their business tactics as well! I absolutely love each and everyone of their crocheted pieces and I felt because the pieces and the creators themselves are soo cute that Dolly Pink should be affiliated with them. I also wanted to share my love of Atomic Ami's crocheted toys with everyone by introducing them here.

Atomic Ami offers a variety of original amigurumi toys that range from cute fuzzy bears to bunnies and more~! Each craft is one-of-a-kind as the yarn they use varies from piece to piece or limited edition. Creating bears is a favorite to this local brand and their love to create cute pieces is guranteed to make your heart melt.

So if you're into cute & cuddly animals, please visit Eli and Bel's Atomic Ami and support them.

Thank you for reading.

Aya - Dolly Pink


Atomic Ami's Web Platforms:
Twitter: @ AtomicAmi

*Please note that Atomic Ami does not have a button made yet so only text links are used*

Here are some examples of their work:
[Please click on the picture to see the full image]

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Sunday, 5 June 2011 @ 06:32
`New Affiliate~! Pinkly Ever After

Hello dolls!

I wanted to introduce to you Dolly Pink's new affiliate Pinkly Ever After! Before Anime North I came to Robin [head designer of Pinkly Ever After] and asked her to affiliate with Dolly Pink because I thought her fairy concept was adorable and similar to that of Dolly Pink's. Not only does Robin creatively designs her dresses, she also designs accessories like headbands, rings and bracelets as well! So far, Pinkly Ever After has done numerous collaborations with designers from New York and Japan and so hopefully one day we will collaborate together and make magical memories for you to share~!

The items P.E.A offers mainly deal with fairy-kei because of the decora vibe I get from them but despite that, I can still see them work with lolita. Pastel colors are a favorite for this local brand and the love for the color pink is the biggest thing both Dolly Pink and Pinkly Ever After has in common. Everything Pinkly Ever After has to offer is original and you can't find anything like this here in North America. Even I wanted to purchase her multi-tier rainbow dress [worn by Pinku Project members] but my lack of funds is preventing me from doing so. Lol! ^___^

Lastly, Pinkly Ever After's motto is, "Happy Cute!"
So if you're into super 'HAPPY CUTE' clothes and accessories, please visit Robin's Pinkly Ever After and support her.

Thank you for reading.

Aya - Dolly Pink

Pinkly Ever After's Web Platforms:
Twitter: @ RobinJooBin

*Please note that Pinkly Ever After does not have a button made yet so only text links are used*

Here are some examples of her work:
[Please click on the pictures to see the full image]

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Saturday, 4 June 2011 @ 02:41
`Anime North is NOW OVER~! [PART 2 - Dolly Pink's Overall AN Experience]

Hehehe~! Even though I already did one post for Anime North, I thought I might as well make another one since I have some pictures.

As mentioned before... I didn't really enjoy this year's AN and Anime North 2009 is still by far my favorite. There wasn't too many cosplays that caught my eye and I noticed that the traffic within the convention centre wasn't as crazy as the years before. Even the dealer's room seem lacking in traffic as well and it's always suppose to be busy in there.

Despite the small traffic flow in the crafter's corner section, Dolly Pink still had a really eye-catching display and an amazing spot. Even the people that came by the stand agreed by saying, "WOW! Your stand is EPIC!!" and "OMG! This table is sooo CUTE~~~!!!!" I also had one girl come up to me asking to give me 'props' for the display [this wouldn't have been made possible without the help from Gen and Leah, again, thank you ladies!]. Lol~ Although all 50 tables at crafter's corner were filled, there wasn't many tables that had a full display like ours' and the items we had could be spotted 10 feet away because of all the pink mediums we used! If there's one big thing Dolly Pink and Pinkly Ever After had in common, it was our love for the color pink! I was selling mostly accessories that could fit in the categories of fairy-kei and lolita while Pinkly Ever After sold mostly clothes and accessories fitted for the everyday fairy-kei fashionista. I really love Robin's design for Pinku Project's dresses because of the multi-color tiers of ruffles!!! <3 But unfortunately she didn't sell any of those dresses otherwise I would have bought one. ^__^ Robin also did ask me to collaborate with her one day to make matching accessories for her new dresses but for now, the final details are still unknown at this point so please keep a look out for this collaboration in the future to come~!

For all 3 days, I was the one mainly in charge of the table because Robin and Leah had to do a lot of dance recitals with Pinku Project. As a result, it left me with little time to roam around to take pictures of the cosplays and con. Only when the crafter's corner closed for the night did I try to take pictures but most of them turned out blurry...  So now I know in the future, that if Dolly Pink is ever going to succeed I need to invest in a new high-tech camera. I am planning to purchase a new dslr so please be patient for now with the blurry pictures...

Anyways, my overall experience this year at Anime North is still positive and although most of the panels I found were uninteresting I still got to meet a lot of interesting people including other members from Pinku Project, other old/new crafters, visual-kei/j-rock fans, lolitas and cosplayers. If I could improve anything for next year it would be anything dealing with my crafter's corner table. I would definately make a more sturdy display, a bigger table sign and more products. Also, I want to try and fit more free time for myself so I can explore the con a bit more. Other than that, I think everything went smoothly.

Liked what you see? Saw me at Anime North? Please leave a comment in the 'COMMENT' section of the blog. Just look for "COMMENT" in the top menu and click.

Thank you so much for reading~!

Aya - Dolly Pink

Now enough with the reading, here are some pictures I took at Anime North. Please note that not all pictures are mine but belong to my friends and I apologize in advance for any blurry picture you see here. Also, please click on the picture to see the full image.

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